Want to let people know the go? Well there’s no better way than a video. Don’t think boring corporate video, it’s a brave new world out there.

Whether it’s a short documentary style video, a social media call to action, a powerful promotion, or a slick performance, VAM can be there with you. Experience counts when clarity of message and quality of production is at stake. Feel the difference by watching the showreel and exploring some featured projects. Let’s do this.


Fremantle Festival

It’s a dream job working with the Fremantle Festival team as part of their promotions unit. Being born, raised and now based in Freo is one thing but the content sings to the experience VAM Director Brendan Hutchens brings. A former series producer and shooter / director on national television Arts and Entertainment productions, reliability is assured.

Water Corporation

Engaged to produce a series of high-end how to videos to demonstrate how businesses can save water, this series of videos clearly show that real results can be made to save H2O and business cash flow.

Wanslea Foster Care

VAM has made a number of videos for this wonderful organisation. When dealing with content that is highly emotional and full of varying challenges VAM’s approach is understanding, empathetic and focussed. In 2016 Wanslea awarded VAM a film-maker of the year prize at their yearly Foster Carer awards ceremony, it was a moving moment of mutual appreciation.