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VAM MEDIA makes breakthrough creative factual projects. We focus on the development and production of inspiring documentaries and return format factual series. We also love making revealing web based content and impactful communications and promo projects, as well as getting involved with playful art & music videos and collaborations.

We work with awesome production professionals and bring together talented and tightly knit teams for every project. We want to collaborate with motivated platforms, broadcasters, co-producers and creatives to tell engaging and interesting stories in new and exciting ways. Our experience, passion and purpose ensures that we deliver the highest quality, consistently, efficiently and with plenty of energy!

We also thrive in the early development stage of a project and can be hired as consultants to help refine your project and give it direction. We like to look at communications and promotions projects holistically and outline packages that will reach an audience. In addition we love working with emerging talent through mentorship or as project leads and we support initiatives that provide a platform for their work.

VAM Media creates, develops, produces, collaborates and delivers. Want to get in touch? Drop us a line here.

“I’ve always explored life through



Brendan thrives in a fast paced, challenging and diverse working environment. His broad skillset helps drive production teams to consistently deliver engaging, creative and entertaining projects on time and budget. He is all about the story and is driven to dive in deep. Brendan has worked across documentary, Arts & entertainment and factual programs and projects, over a diverse 20+year career. He is adept at leading projects and teams both as a Producer and Director.

Before launching VAM Media in 2012, he worked for 12 years at the ABC in Perth and Sydney. He was a Series Producer on national ABC TV series triple j tv, the Hack Half Hour (Walkley Award Finalist), rage and Can We Help?

Brendan has a passion to tell the unknown story, inspiring the viewer through a connection to people and place.

“I just love to tell the stories of our time that are about remarkable people, places and ideas. I like to go beyond what we think we know and find the heart of the story. It brings an honesty and beauty to our work and that flows through to the way we go about everything.”

Check out Brendan’s LinkedIn for more about his career and credits.



Rose has 20+ years of experience as a Line Producer and Production Manager in the Australian media industry. She is well-versed in documentary series, one-offs, and dramatised documentaries for national and international broadcasters and platforms in genres ranging from history and science, to modern culture and the Arts.

Rose is elite at project management from development through to completion and delivery, including budgeting and scheduling, co-ordinating and managing the production and crew, risk management and post-production management. She is highly experienced in budgeting, finance plans, accounts, and scheduling. Rose is also knowledgeable of production legalities including the negotiation and contracting of cast and crew, co-ordinating and contracting with funding agencies and broadcasters, and the Producer Offset system in Australia.

SHIPWRECK HUNTERS AUSTRALIA Streaming now only on Disney+

Shipwreck Hunters Australia was the first commission by Disney+ of an Australian documentary series. One for the record books and our continuing story. Funding and support has come from Screen Australia, Screenwest and the WA Screen Fund with additonal support and expertise from the WA Museum.

We brought together such a fantastic and committed production team for the series. STEVE BIBB Executive Producer, BRENDAN HUTCHENS Producer & Director, KATHERINE BARRETT Series Producer, ROSE GRANDILE-PIZZI Line Producer, TAMSIN McARDLE Production Manager, SHARI HUTCHISON Production Co-ordinator, CHRISTIAN HORGAN and FRANCES TINLEY Story Producer, ANNIE BOYD Wreckspert Researcher, DARREN McCAGH Director of Photography, RODRIGO MATSUMOTO Drone & B-Cam, JASON NORTH Field Sound, TERRA AUSTRALIS Underwater cameras, marine operations and on screen talent RYAN CHATFIELD, JOHNNY DEBNAM, ANDRE REREKURA, NUSH FREEDMAN and CAPTAIN ASH SUTTON, Editors MEREDITH WATSON-JEFFREY and NOAH NORTON. Post production partners SANDBOX, ENVELOPE and LAST PIXEL. Narrator TRISTAN GOREY.