Let’s get passionate, let’s get real, let’s have some fun and make people feel.

Art and music are the greatest storytellers of all. VAM loves spending real time with creatives, collaborating on work, telling their story and also producing projects of our own. Supporting local musicians and artists through helping them to share their thing and reach their audience is gold. VAM is incredibly passionate about the power of the Arts as the showreel and featured projects present.


Abbe May

An incredible song writer and passionate musician Abbe is also a philosophical and intellectual thinker who challenges herself at every opportunity. This short promo video for her recent FRUIT album tour was captured through spending lots of time together which was so much fun and we are working on the development of more. There is lots to explore.

Anya Brock

Accomplished and prolific visual artist Anya Brock is amazing to watch create. She works fast, has a great knack for mixing colour, is always interested in talking about process and has a brilliant arts business brain. Anya installed this large botanical mural in just one day at a cafe in Subiaco. We are stoked to also be working closely with Anya on the development of more content.

Carus Thompson

A music video for the song ‘Crashland’ written from the conversation Carus had with drummer and friend Howie Johnstone about the late ACDC front-man Bon Scott. Shot in the iconic Buffalo Club on High Street in Fremantle and locations around town. In addition there is a lovely little video capturing the bar stool telling of the story with Howie and Carus here –

Freo Doors

Often street art is about large scale walls with lots of exposure but street level can be a missed opportunity. We took that thought and worked with building owner Silverleaf Investments and Fremantle BID to engage local artists to create work on heavily tagged service door areas where constant painting over of tagging was costing money. VAM organised and produced this project and also captured the process with some short videos. Small scale street art brings interest to street level spaces.

The Boat

Brendan from VAM was really keen to produce a major public artwork and had just the seed of an idea to plonk a large boat in the port city of Fremantle’s town square. After acquiring a large 1960s timber vessel Brendan approached artist Andrew Christie aka A Good Looking Man and he came up with the concept The Field Guide to Homemaking. Funded through the City of Fremantle’s temporary public art program the work made a huge impact during Fremantle Festival 2015.


Street art process videos have become a genre in their own right and are so captivating to watch as artworks take shape. As a documentary film maker the story behind the work and the process involved provides such an interesting narrative so when approaching art videos focussing on more than just a visual representation is of great interest. We like to produce a suite of videos. The story which is more like a short documentary. The install which is like a music video and a shorter version good for socials. What a package! So much fun to shoot as well.