Promote & Play

VAM loves working with passionate creatives to help tell their story and engage with a broad audience.

Our videos have consistently done just that for artists, musicians, performers, festivals and exhibitions over our 8 years in operation. We have worked heaps with the Fremantle Festivals team, Perth Festival, Melville City Arts & Events, Heathcote Gallery, Freo. Social and a whole bunch of beautiful creatives 😉 We also play with some of our own Arts projects and events in amongst making sweet vids. VAM is incredibly passionate about the power of the Arts and the value it holds for all of us. Let’s share that around!


SAN CISCO | On the Line | Music Video

As Covid-19 iso-restrictions began to ease in Perth San Cisco gave us a call with a loose idea for a super tight turn around music video for their new single ‘On the Line’. It was wicked fun and all came off without a hitch. Love you San Cisco thanks for trusting us! Thanks to a great small team all doing what they do best. It’s a coming out of iso love story…we went for a fun and heartwarming vibe with a bit of humour and a slightly over exposed warm polaroid look. It has been received really well and featured by triple j, NMW, Rolling Stone, RUSSH and more.

DIRECTOR / PRODUCER – Brendan Hutchens
DOP – Jim Frater ACS
1st AC – Paolo Feliciani
EDITOR / GRADE – @Steven Alyian

CITY OF MELVILLE | Art in Place | Sonic Hill

West Australian artists Tom Mùller and Ned Beckley (Agency 296) collaborated to present the 2019 ART IN PLACE project. Their artwork Sonic Hill was a site-specific audio sculpture that invited audiences to ‘hear’ a renewed sense of place from 12 April to 28 April 2019 at Wireless Hill, Ardross.

The City of Melville engaged VAM Media to produce promotional videos. Our approach is always one of creative storytelling and we used the voices of the artists underneath visuals of the work with the live soundscape design enlivening the abstract ambience. It worked well and was greatly received.

Watch the install video as well. It’s cool –

PERTH FESTIVAL | Highway to Hell | Official Video Production

People from all over Perth, WA, Australia and even internationally came together for an event that we doubt will ever be repeated. How they pulled this off is just astounding. Well done once again Perth Festival it was a real honour to work with them as the official video team for the legendary Highway to Hell event.

We produced lead up promo videos and a short and long version of the massive day of action.

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR – Brendan Hutchens

CAMERAS – Jim Frater ACS, Darren McCagh, Brendan Hutchens, André Avila

DRONE – Jason North, Darren McCagh

FIELD SOUND – Ash Charlton

EDIT – Brendan Hutchens

PRODUCTION MANAGER – Rose Grandile-Pizzi


Often street art is about large scale walls with lots of exposure but street level can be a missed opportunity. We took that thought and worked with building owner Silverleaf Investments and Fremantle BID to engage local artists to create work on heavily tagged service door areas where constant painting over of tagging was costing money. VAM organised and produced this project and also captured the process with some short videos. Small scale street art brings interest to street level spaces.


Brendan from VAM was really keen to produce a major public artwork and had just the seed of an idea to plonk a large boat in the port city of Fremantle’s town square. After acquiring a large 1960s timber vessel Brendan approached artist Andrew Christie aka A Good Looking Man and he came up with the concept The Field Guide to Homemaking. Funded through the City of Fremantle’s temporary public art program the work made a huge impact during Fremantle Festival 2015.

ANYA BROCK | Mural | Louis Baxters

Art process videos, murals and street art videos have become a genre in their own right and are so captivating to watch as artworks take shape. They are fantastic way to promote an artists work as well as a clients premises and general vibe.

Anya is an inspiring artist and business professional. She is incredibly focusses, smart and great to talk to…unless she has headphones on…that’s a kind of artist message for hey I am in the zone. Love this piece at Louis Bacters Coffee in Subiaco.